Selasa, Oktober 18, 2011

How To Enjoy Sex By Trying Different Position

How to enjoy sex by trying different position

Sex is an everyday thing and it plays a vital part of a successful relationship and it's also helps to keep the relationship together. If a couple don’t enjoy having sex with each other then the relationship will never last long, more than likely one partner will eventually stray and find pleasure elsewhere. Here are some useful tips you can do to enjoy sex with your partner. 

Kissing while undressing each other will help to get both partner arouse and horny. This is one position you might enjoy okay, it’s a standing position where the woman lean sideways as she rest her hand on the wall or a piece of furniture while the man insert his penis standing beside her by lifting her legs on his shoulder. In the meantime he can use his free hand to play with her clitoris or fondle her breasts.

Now a day most women indulge in doing anal sex. I really don’t like that type of sex because I think its gorse. Personally, I think this type of sex should only be done by gay guys because that the only way they can pleasure each other.
The back way position which is normally called doggie style is one of the most effective ways for a woman to enjoy sex. The woman lay on her tummy with one foot down on the floor and the other still on the bed with her legs apart now in this position the man is in full control he can now stimulate her more by fondling her breasts and/or her clitoris while he is pumping in and out.

This style is called foot on shoulders where the man kneel down on the bed while the woman lying on her back with both legs on his shoulders with her vagina press to his penis as he penetrate her then he could put a pillow under her back for support then moving his hips in circular shag enrolled movements going in and out to increase pleasure.
In this position which is much similar to the one I just mention just now okay the woman lay on her back while bending her knees to her chest then the man can either get between her legs or put both legs on either side and penetrates her with slow hip motion with both his legs stretch out on the bed. sex5.png

When a woman is on top she is in full control while the man lay on his back with his legs slightly apart. He can lay there and enjoy all the pleasure he is getting while the woman do all the work. Most women call this "the saddling position". The man now has both hands free to arouse the woman by either playing or sucking on her breasts to get her more excited during sex.

Last but not least the doggie style position which is a little different from earlier position I have mention okay the woman get on her knees while she makes herself comfortable with her bottom in the air. The man is also on his knees as he penetrates her from behind with his hand free to fondle her rest of her body which would certainly arouse the woman even more and she will enjoy sex even more.